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City Travels - Christchurch

To view pictures of my trip to Christchurch, click here!

I first came to Christchurch from Kaikoura, as Christchurch is somewhat of a gateway to everywhere else. I'll end up looping back to Christchurch later on, as I need to come back here to fly out to Auckland on my way home, and will update this post then.

I was there from August 1st through the 3rd. I will be returning there August 19th-22nd and will complete this post then.

All prices are given in New Zealand dollars.

Getting There

The route you take to Christchurch via Intercity bus is a continuation of the journey to Kaikoura, so you may want to read that post. What I will note here is that the route to Kaikoura mostly follows the scenic train route. The bus splits from the rail tracks at this point. This train isnt' even an option in the winter, but the bus is cheaper than the train, and you're seeing the same view 90% of the time.

A Place to Stay and Work

I stayed at YHA Christchurch, which feel like it's built in a modernized victorian home. Many rooms, large windows, and narrow hallways.



Christchurch is mostly a walkable city, however be prepared for many closed sidewalks.



Can't have any regrets yet, I'm coming back!