The Controversatory

The Controversatory

We're going to talk about issues: politics, sexuality, gender, viewpoints, beliefs. Things might get...controversial.

One of the Bad Ones

What do you do when you are what everyone expects to see, but doesn’t want to? What do you do when you feel like one of the bad ones?

Burning Straw Men

Political issues are very nuanced to be simplified. But, simplifications are all we seem to see. Never forget the real depth that exists with any issue. Never forget that people are people


Failure is what scares me the most. Everyone around me is going to know. Everyone's going to ask me what happened.

To Leave or to Love

Long Distance Relationships on the Road

The Why of Pride

Pride is a place to find people like you. People who are exhausted from explaining. People who lie too.

Break Expectations and Be Unremarkable

We all have silent expectations about the way things are. It doesn't mean it's bad when those expectations are violated; heck, we may want them broken. But it does mean they're there, lingering in the backs of our minds. Things don't jump out when they're unremarkable.